Intro + Download

Stats on your code repository, packaged as a java microservice. Lightweight embedded web server and user interface (<500kbs total download).

java -jar metriculous.jar -repoPath [your-git-dir] -port [your-port]

Download Jar

For example

  • java -jar metriculous.jar -repoPath '/Users/myPath/myRepo' -port 8080 or
  • java -jar metriculous.jar -repoPath 'C:/myPath/myRepo' -port 8080

Alternatively, a full settings and license file (human readable) can be placed in your home directory. Please use contact form to request.

Selected Features

  • Hot-spots, code that is most commonly edited (you need to refactor)
  • Extra-Hot-spots, code with most merge conflicts (you really need to refactor)
  • Common conflicts between team members.
  • Most edited file (per person, or from whole repository
  • When is code committed - calendar based summary for individuals and files
  • Files with most authors
  • Drill down to actual commits
  • Rapid feedback and implementation of new feature requests

Pulse on steroids. All presented with simple to read graphs and charts, and a http api for direct access to data.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

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Screenshot 4

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